What's the best way to care for our strings? Should they be cleaned?

Our strings do not require any special care. In order for the strings to maintain a good grip with the bow, it is advisable to occasionally remove the rosin from them. The strings should be cleaned mainly when your bow is newly coated with rosin, as it is necessary to apply quite a lot of rosin, which sticks to strings. In general, rosin should be on the bow, not the strings. For cleaning, we usually recommend using alcohol. When using alcohol, you must be very careful and make sure no alcohol gets on the varnish of your instrument.

It is not always necessary to clean the strings with alcohol; the film of rosin can often be removed by a dry cloth. The layer you fail to remove with a cloth can be removed with the edge of a credit card. Never use metal tools to remove rosin. we also recommend checking whether the notches in the nut and bridge correspond to the thickness of the strings, and applying the graphite from a pencil to the notches when changing strings.