Amber E a New Generation E String

You might have noticed that there haven't been many significant changes to metal violin E strings during their entire 100 year history. They are made of steel wire, either plain or wound. Some are plated with various metals. However, none of these string types solve the major flaw of the current E string the very low longitudinal elasticity.

This is why E strings differ from the rest of the synthetic or gut strings set. They are more or less metallic sounding, sometimes harsh and can whistle. The lack of longitudinal elasticity of conventional E strings is felt mostly in the lower positions, where the vibrating part of the string is longer.

We have found a unique solution (Patent Pending PP 50023-2013). We managed to significantly increase the elasticity of the E string. This is why the Amber E string is still resonant, but at the same time gives a silky sound which blends perfectly Amber with synthetic or gut strings. The difference is amazing, particularly in forte dynamics. The Amber E keeps its warm sounding character even in double stops and chords. Whistling is totally eliminated.

Main features:

  • Greater dynamic range. No irritating overtones are generated, all energy is transformed into sound of the highest quality.
  • Warmer sound which blends perfectly with synthetic or gut core A, D and G strings. There is no audible metallic edge, although the string is made of a special steel alloy.
  • Less tension. The unique formula offers more sound at a lower tension.
  • Easier tuning. Due to its excellent elasticity, the string can be tuned by fine tuner as well as by peg.
  • The string is softer under the finger and intonation is more precise. The Amber E doesn't raise its pitch when pressed towards the fingerboard as an ordinary E string does.
  • No whistling.

Install this special E string in the same way as a conventional string. The Warchal Amber E will turn into a hardly visible spiral that will ensure exceptional elasticity and therefore unmatched sound quality and response.


Warning: For safety reasons never try to shape a conventional E string in order to simulate the Warchal spiral effect. This could result in injury due to string breakage. The Amber E is made of a special material using a specific production process in order to achieve the same level of safety and reliability that traditional E strings offer. To preserve the spiral effect and sound, please do not over-tune this string.

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