Why are our products named Nefrit, Ametyst, Karneol and Brilliant?

The idea to produce strings evolved step by step. Initially, there was a mutual interest by the outstanding violinist, conductor and professor, Bohdan Warchal, and his son (also an important violinist and teacher) in violin-making, sound research and development. In the late 1990s, a hobby of Bohdan Warchal Jr. focused on the production of strings because he was not always satisfied with the properties of strings available on the market at that time. The result was that after several years he was able to produce strings for himself and his acquaintances. When he decided in 2003 to establish a small company in Slovakia to produce strings, the strings needed to be given names. We had developed two sets of strings for professionals and one less expensive set for students.

We wanted the strings to be given names that would characterize our primary objective - a unique quality. Thus, we came up with the idea to name them after precious stones. At that time, we did not expect our strings to also be sold abroad; we therefore used the Slovak names for these stones: Ametyst (Amethyst), Karneol (Carnelian) and Nefrit (Nephrite). Much has changed since 2003. By 2006, when we developed a new set of strings for our most demanding customers, Warchal Strings were already being sold around the world. So it seemed logical to us to use an English word for the new set. These are strings that have bright shades of sound and great projection - even their appearance is reminiscent of a jewel. The only possible name for them was Brilliant.