Why do you produce strings in one gauge only?

We produce strings exclusively in one gauge so we do not unnecessarily complicate things for retailers. The life of a retailer is certainly not easy. The owner or manager of a good violin shop needs to be able to satisfy the requests of all kinds of customers and their instruments. The retailer must keep a number of types of strings in stock by various producers. If we offered different gauges, many sets might remain unsold for long periods of time. Instead, we have concentrated on establishing the ideal tension for particular strings. We can now say with confidence that the tension of our strings is suitable for the vast majority of instruments.

Of course, it is impossible to produce a string that is ideal for every instrument. This is, however, a problem of a string’s construction rather than it's tension. In other words, when there is an instrument for which a certain set of strings is not suitable, it does not mean that a change in the gauge would solve the problem. As far as tension is concerned, our strings do not differ very much from other high quality synthetic strings available on the market. Nevertheless, you will find some small variations from the tensions generally used in our strings. By defining an ideal tension, we pursue a number of specific objectives.